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Guiding advertisers & agencies through the arduous maze created by the convergence of advertising & marketing technologies.

Remarkable advancements in advertising & marketing have been made in the last 5 years, but the technology itself & vast number of overlapping providers is overwhelming. Understanding & formulating a technology strategy to bridge the gap created by customer & departmental fragmentation is imperative to long-term success.

Navigating ad:tech & mar:tech decisions internally proves to be both cumbersome & costly, but avoiding them altogether will prove catastrophic. Your competitors are already thriving in their adoption. Leading brands are understanding & engaging with their customers at unprecedented levels. Leveling the playing field is a minimum requirement for survival; changing the field itself is the optimal goal.

The time to embrace change is now. Retain Triton’s services today & assure your company is maximizing it’s potential & arming itself with an enterprise technology & a personnel infrastructure customized to support your growing marketing & advertising needs.

The only source of knowledge is experience. – Einstein

Triton leverages our experience & concentrates our focus at the intersection of ad:tech & mar:tech. We’re uniquely connected to more partnerships on both sides of this convergence than any firm in the sector. Unequaled years of direct use experience & hands-on familiarity yield the level of comprehension required to properly advise, remove technical barriers & assure your next tech step is not a costly misstep.


Triton’s expertise & desire to complete the puzzle delivering models of maximum efficiency echoes throughout the following services provided to both Advertisers & Agencies:

Strategy Planning

• Assessment & Analysis
• Attribution Modeling
• Audience Targeting & More
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  • Assessment & Analysis: Let the Triton team perform a ‘Full Stack’ assessment of what’s working, what’s not working, what can be improved upon & what adjustments need to be made to a foundation built for the future.

  • Attribution Modeling: 95% of all marketers have flaws in their model. 25% have no model. Triton will determine the best partner, all trackable contributors & build a model built to adjust with your growing business needs.

  • Audience Targeting: Do you know your audience? Shockingly many advertisers take their customers for granted instead of properly defining & segmenting appropriately. Your competitors are adjusting to the fragmentation of their customer base. Are you?

  • Planning & Forecasting: Let Triton’s experienced team help build a proper marketing & advertising strategy, marry it to a data driven forecast & properly support your company’s ability to surpass sales & marketing goals. Exceeding sales & performance targets requires a clearly defined strategy starting from the ground up.

  • Website & App Analysis: Assure the most effective user experience is in place & the data is being properly gathered & utilized appropriately.

  • Omnichannel Guidance: Are you maximizing your customer experience? Media fragmentation has made communicating with your customers extremely difficult. To effectively reach today’s audiences, engagement must be on their terms; failure to do so will prove catastrophic. Empower your marketing with the right message, at the right time via the right channel.

  • Education & Training: Are your teams familiar & competent utilizing today’s marketing and advertising technologies? Let Triton coach your team and assure the comprehension levels required to maximize the value of partnerships and technologies within the ad:tech mar:tech ecosystem.

Infrastructure Assessment

• Systems Architecture
• Data Centralization
• Programmatic Counsel & more
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  • Systems Architecture: What is the current state of your marketing technology stack? Is your company aware of its voids? Are you properly positioned for growth expectations? Triton will assure your company is protected & poised for the future.

  • Data Centralization: A centralized database (CBD) that is being fed from all data generating aspects of your business is integral to your company’s growth goals. Let Triton assure you are exploiting all aspects of data collection, implementation & maximizing the resulting actions of doing so.

  • Programmatic Counsel: Do your teams fully understand the core functionalities of Ad Networks, DSPs, Private Exchanges, DMPs & SSPs in order to fully realize the benefits of automated marketing with human level oversight. Assure your marketing team is fully armed with the necessary programmatic comprehension levels required to stay ahead of a rapidly evolving marketplace.

  • Staffing & Hiring Services: Triton has an entire department focused on the staffing and hiring needs of our clients. Our capabilities include the delivery of customized hiring plans to meet your “in-house” transition needs, tailored job descriptions, job postings, interview scheduling & prescreening as well as full-time & contract hiring and placement services. It takes an expert to hire an expert; let Triton be yours.

Partner Vetting

• Data Management Platform
• Customer Relationship Management
• Social Marketing Platforms & more
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Our team of experts will handle the RFI process, the partner recommendations, the partner selections, the service agreements, the contract negotiations & the partner training & onboarding.

  • Data Management Platform (DMP): Triton is working with or has experience with the most prominent players in the DMP space. Proper utilization of your 1st party data can be the difference in whether or not you meet ROI goals.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Let Triton evaluate your current & future CRM requirements, maximize the cost benefit analysis of choosing your backbone technology stack partner & ensure you are best positioned to handle your existing, new & future customer base.

  • Social Marketing Platforms (SMPs): If your company finds itself overwhelmed, you’re not alone. This is a crowded sector and Triton’s team helps cut to the chase and connect you with the best partner to meet your business objectives whether it’s managed-service, self-service or a combination of both. We also handle all contract negotiations to assure you receive the most competitive pricing.

  • Digital Demand-side Platform (DSP): Another overly crowded sector which Triton will help navigate to assure your company is partners with the most appropriate provider at the most competitive rate.

  • Email Service Provider (ESP): The redundancy in this sector is can be dizzying. Triton works to negotiate with your company’s existing provider or handle the migration to a more appropriate one to assure the highest level of marketing systems integration at the best rate.

Technology Implementation

• Functionality Testing
• Full Stack Engineering
• API Integration
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  • Full Stack Engineering: Triton’s experienced engineering team works in concert with your internal teams to assure redundancies are eliminated and all compliancies are met. Development, implementation, integration & supporting applications are all within Triton’s realm of capability.

  • API Integration: Experience is quickly realized in our ability to successfully navigate complex documentation, interpret API keys & marry connections to existing systems.

  • Functionality Testing: a quality assurance (QA) process assuring the marketing technology stack meets or exceeds desired output requirements.

Media Buying

• Social
• Search
• Display & more
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At Triton we address media with the same mantra as the rest of our business channels; execute as efficiently as possible. Our planning teams maximize media channels and deliver complex, yet concise plans assuring the highest ROAS. Our buying teams have high expectations put upon them given a track record consistently exceeding plan goals. Few teams have the multi-channel skillset required to consistently deliver upon the complexities of true Omnichannel plans. Our teams are experts buying & optimizing across all of the following channels:

  • Social

  • Search

  • Display

  • Mobile

  • Video

  • Programmatic TV

  • Native Advertising

  • Influencer Marketing

Sponsorships & Endorsements

Triton partners brands with “hi-influence” individuals covering the full breadth of celebrity status to help develop & sustain strong attachments to consumer audiences.
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Triton partners with “hi-influence” individuals covering the full breadth of celebrity status to help develop & sustain strong attachments to consumer audiences. Whether you’re seeking the latest big screen star, the NBA MVP or an emerging internet personality with millions of active followers, our dedicated Influencer Marketing team is properly positioned to help you.

It’s more than a state of “liking” or a degree of preference; brand attachment is what makes great brands great! When people perceive a brand as part of who they are, associations with like-minded individuals drive performance metrics & brand recall reaches levels unrivaled via other channels.

Triton’s Influencer Marketing team of brand strategists, data miners, & creative visionaries are experts in constructing brand attachment. Whether you’re launching a new brand or curing brand fatigue with a fresh shot in the arm, our team will design a cost effective plan & establish a natural viral advocacy driving your brand to unrealized heights substantiated through a measurable reoccurring customer base.


We cannot recommend a car we haven’t driven.

The Triton team dedicates a portion of every week to exploring emerging technologies & the companies that deliver upon them. We spend countless hours increasing our hands on experience through product demonstrations & direct platform usage.

The following is a sample of the growing list of ongoing partnerships certifications & relationships Triton has in place:


Triton clients span the globe & currently covers a multitude fortune 500 brands, emerging brands & advertising agencies of all sizes & focus.
Here is a small sample:


Triton is always looking for the industry’s brightest minds & future innovators in the space.


    We’d love to hear from you.
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    Phone : 415.636.9485

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    The dedicated Triton team of consultants & media professionals are seasoned Ad:tech & Mar:tech experts. As specialists in the space we are regularly called upon for speaking engagements & panel participation as well as for providing authoritative insight for trade & mainstream media outlets.

    We are available to speak on current trends, key events, market applications & merger & acquisition activity within the advertising & marketing sectors.

    Please contact us directly with any requests.