The son of Poseidon & Amphitrite, Triton is the great messenger of the sea.


Holding a trident in one hand & wielding the unequaled power of a conch shell in the other; when blown like a trumpet, Triton effectively casts messages across the seas.

It’s only an opportunity until it’s not.

The resulting disruption caused by the mar:tech ad:tech convergence creates rich opportunities for those companies willing to intelligently plan ahead of the curve, engage with trusted partners & leverage stable emerging technologies.

The “convergence” is more representative of an explosion of innovative new technologies & efficiency improvements that can make or break brands both new & established. Triton’s vast relationships & positioning saves your teams countless hours of sending out RFIs & subsequent RFPs for technology & services of which they may not have strong familiarity. Establishing the level of expertise required to confidently make monumental business decisions across all of the required sectors can take weeks, months, even years of research. The Triton team has done the legwork & already has the relationships with the leading providers.

Our job is to properly assess your company’s present & future needs to assure the best recommendations on adoption & partnerships are made to assure maximum spend efficiency & effectiveness. Our tech neutral position assures the technology & partner recommendations are made without bias.

We don’t focus on where the technology is, but rather where the technology is going.

Outfitting our clients with a full suite of stable, fully integrated solutions designed to maximize ROI, team Triton combines over 30 years of experience in the advertising & technology space. Leverage our expertise & move forward with confidence, establishing a technology infrastructure designed to amplify marketing efforts & increase advertising effectiveness across all channels.

Data is King

Are you leveraging your data properly? Our data analysis team dives deep into all data sets to assure maximum usage & proper application. “Data Leakage” or failure to properly utilize existing available data creates today’s most common inefficiency. It’s your data. If you’re not using it properly, whether you know it or not, your business is suffering. Let Triton design, engineer & implement a plan where data drives decisions at every level of the sales funnel.